Board of Genetic Counseling India
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Dear Colleague

The Board of Genetic Counseling India cordially invites you to participate in the 6th Annual International Conference to be held virtually from 2nd – 4th July 2021.

The theme of the conference is “Genomics and Genetic Counseling: Value in Health Care”.

Advances in Genomics, including Precision Medicine and Gene Editing have radically transformed health care approaches in diagnosis, prognosis, management and prevention of both rare and common diseases. Genetic counseling equips families and healthcare professionals to understand and take informed decisions for most appropriate patient care.

This conference aims to promote education among Genetic Counselors, Specialists, Doctors, Health Care Providers and Students, about current topics in Genetics, Genomics and Genetic Counseling.

Scientific Program Highlights

We have planned a virtual gallery of stakeholders providing genetic and genomics services in India & internationally. We are expecting the participation of 20 renowned international speakers who are pioneers in the field of genomic medicine and over 2000 delegates from across the globe.

Kindly confirm your support for the virtual conference to us at the earliest.

Best Regards

Organizing Chairpersons
Dr. Prochi Madon
Dr. Jaya Vyas
Organizing Secretaries
Ms. Gayatri R Iyer
Ms. Areeba Khan
President BGCI
Dr. Q.Annie Hasan
Vice-President BGCI
Dr. B R Lakshmi
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