Scientific Program

Time mentioned in Indian Standard Time (IST)

09.00 am 2nd July onward Portal will be open for viewing posters, videos and exhibition area for 24 hrs
9.00 am - 11.30 am Genetic Counseling in The Omics Era
Chairpersons - Dr. Yoon Sook Yee, Malaysia ; Dr. Ashraf Mannan, Bengaluru, India
Moderators - Dr. Deepa Bhat, Mysore, India ; Ms. Yashodhara Bhattacharya, Kolkata, India
9.00 am - 9.20 am

Genomic Tools and Variant Interpretation
Dr. Madhuri Hegde, USA

9.25 am - 9.45 am

Evolution of Cytogenetics to Next-Generation Cytogenomics: Then and Now!
Dr. Alka Chaubey, USA

9.50 am - 10.10 am

NIPT : Current Status A Decade Later
Dr Sucheta Bhatt, USA

10.15 am - 10.35 am

Diagnose. Understand. Treat The Route to Long-Lasting Medical Solutions for Rare Diseases
Prof. Peter Bauer, Germany

10.40 am - 11.00 am

Benefits of Bugs for a Healthy Microbiome
Dr. N. Jayanthi, Hyderabad, India

11.00 am - 11.30 am

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Dr. Madhuri Hegde, USA
Dr. Alka Chaubey, USA
Dr. Sucheta Bhatt, Illumina, USA
Dr. N. Jayanthi, Hyderabad, India

11.30 am - 12:30 pm Break
12.30 pm - 2.30 pm Preparing Genetic Counselors for Global Reach
Chairpersons - Ms. Juliana Lee, Malaysia ; Dr. Sunali Khanna, Mumbai
Moderators - Ms. Reena Trivedi, Ahmedabad, India ; Ms. Sushma Patil, Ahmedabad, India
12.30 pm - 12.50 pm

Genetic Counselor Education: Expanding Horizons
Ms. Tanya Eble, USA

12.55 pm - 1.15 pm

Interoperability Child Health and Rare Diseases.
Dr Liesbeth Siderius, Netherlands

1.20 pm - 1.40 pm

Training Grassroot Healthcare Workers in The Early Diagnosis of IEM
Dr. Prajna P Shetty, Manipal, India

1.45 pm - 2.05 pm

How Prepared are The Genetic Counselors for Global Challenges?
Prof. Carmencita Padilla, Philippines

2:05 pm - 2.30 pm

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Dr. Liesbeth Siderius, Netherlands
Dr. Prajna P Shetty, Manipal, India
Prof. Carmencita Padilla, Philippines

2.30 pm - 3.00 pm Break
3.00 pm - 5.25 pm Genehow : The Know How about Current Trends in Medical Genetics
Moderators - Ms. Zainab Abbas, Hyderabad, India; Mr. S R Parichay, Hyderabad, India
3:00 pm - 3.40 pm

Expanded NIPT: What have We Learned and Where Do We Go from Here?
Ms. Christin Coffeen, Senior Manager, Medical Affairs, Illumina
Dr. Laurence Lohmann, Laboratory CERBA (France)
Ms. Susan Hancock, MS CGS (USA)
Dr Tristan Hardy, Repromed (Australia)

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm

Advanced Exome and array Techniques in Molecular Cytogenetics
Dr. Didier Goidin, France

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm

Optical Genome Mapping of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia: Genomic Analysis and Risk Assessment
Dr. Yassmine Akkari, USA

4.50 pm - 5.10 pm

Expanded Carrier Screening by Targeted Next Generation Sequencing
Dr. Michael Richardson, London

5.10 pm - 05.25 pm

Gene therapy: Basics and Present Status
Dr. Parag M Tamhankar, Mumbai, India

5.25 pm - 5.30 pm Break
5:30 pm - 8.00 pm Many Hats Worn by a Genetic Counselor
Chairpersons - Dr. Usha Dave, Mumbai, India ; Ms. Pamela Todd, USA
Moderators - Dr Dipanjana Datta, Kolkata, India ; Ms. Prachi Inamdar, Bengaluru, India
5.30 pm - 5.50 pm

Perspective of a Laboratory Genetic Counselor
Ms. Vruti Mehta, USA

5.55 pm - 6.15 pm

The Value and Versatility of the Genetic Counseling Skill Set
Ms. Erynn Gordon, USA

6.20 pm - 6.40 pm

Genetic Counselor In The Era of Telemedicine
Ms. Cary M. Armstrong, USA

6.45 pm - 7.05 pm

The Value of Accreditation in Advancing Quality and Innovation in Genetic Counseling Graduate Education
Ms. Molly McGinniss, USA

7.10 pm - 7.30 pm

Genetic Counselor’s Role In Advocacy
Ms. Parvathy Krishnen, USA

7.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Panel discussion & Q&A
Ms. Vruti Mehta, USA
Ms. Erynn Gordon, USA
Ms. Carey Armstrong, USA
Ms. Parvathy Krishnan, USA
Ms. Pamela Todd, USA