Scientific Program

Time mentioned in Indian Standard Time (IST)

09.00 am 2nd July onward Portal will be open for viewing posters, videos and exhibition area for 24 hrs
11.00 am - 1.00 pm The Way Forward
Moderators - Ms. Sushma Patil, Ahmedabad, India / Ms. Reena Trivedi, Ahmedabad, India
11:00 am - 11:30 am

The Changing Scenario of Genetic Counseling
Prof. Shirley Hodgson, UK

11:30 am - 1.00 pm

Panel Discussion - Mainstreaming Genetic Counselling - The Way Forward
Dr. Dhavendra Kumar, UK


Dr. Gemma Chandratillake, UK
Ms. Tamam Khalaf, UAE
Dr. Shailaja Tibrewal, Delhi, India
Dr. Rajiv Sarin, Mumbai, India
Ms. Niby Elackatt, Bengaluru, India

1.00 pm - 2.30 pm

Panel Discussion Alone yet Aloud : Voice in Unison
Moderator: Dr. B. R. Lakshmi
(Founder Trustee & Managing Director, MDCRC, Coimbatore)

Dr. Ritesh Narayanpur, Chennai
Ms. Shambhavi Ravishankar, Bengaluru
Mr. Baninder Singh, Kolkata
Dr. Shruti Bajaj, Mumbai
Dr. Roli Mathur, Coimbatore
Adv. K.C. Sudharshan Kestur, Bengaluru
Dr. Elizabeth Vroom, Netherlands
Mr. Prasanna Shirol, Bengaluru

2.30 pm - 3.15 pm Break
3.15 pm - 5.20 pm Genetic Counselors as Champions of Families in The Genomic Era
Chairpersons - Dr. Thangaraj K, Hyderabad, India ; Ms.Sonali Srungaram, Hyderabad, India
Moderators - Mr. Suraj Manikandan, Chennai, India ; Ms. Areeba Khan, Dubai
3.15 pm - 3.35 pm

Preconception and Prenatal Genetic Counselling.
Mrs. Kerry Cresswell, UK

3.40 pm - 4.00 pm

Looking for Trouble – Cascade Screening for at-risk Populations
Ms. Breana C, Singapore

4.05 pm - 4.25 pm

The Role of Genetic Counselors in Newborn Screening Programs
Dr. Joy R. Tumulak, Phillippines

4.30 pm - 4.50 pm

Supporting Families with Gastrointestinal Cancer Syndromes through a Combined Research Registry/Clinical Service
Ms. Laura Winter-Paquette, UAE

4.50 pm - 5.20 pm

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Mrs. Kerry Cresswell, UK
Ms. Breana C, Singapore
Ms. Ma-am Joy Tumulak, Philippines
Ms. Laura Winter-Paquette, UAE

5.20 pm - 5.45 pm Break
5.45 pm - 8.20 pm Tools for a Contemporary Genetic Counselor
Chairpersons - Dr. Kunal Sanghavi, USA; Dr. Rachel Jesudasan, Hyderabad, India
Moderators - Dr GK Madhavilatha, Thiruvananthapuram, India ; Ms. Shruti Mathur, Bengaluru, India
5.45 pm - 6.05 pm

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Evaluation of Rare Genetic Disorders
Ms. Nicole Fleischer, UK

6.10 pm - 6.30 pm

Precision Medicine in Practice: Using Living Lab Reports to Provide Digital Genetic Counseling Information 
Ms. Meagan Farmer, USA 

6.35 pm - 6.55 pm

Tools in Cancer Genetic Counseling
Ms. Ambreen Khan, USA

7.00 pm - 7.20 pm

Digital Tools by Genetico with a Graphical Pedigree Editor to Leverage Clinical Data for Better Diagnosis
Mr. Arjun Gupta, India

7.25pm - 7.45pm

Deep-tech Solutions for Genetic Counselors by
Mr. Roland Lamuel, Bengaluru, India

7.45 pm - 8.15 pm

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Ms. Nicole Fleischer, UK
Ms. Meagan Farmer, USA
Ms. Ambreen Khan, USA
Mr. Arjun Gupta, India
Mr. Roland Ed Lamuel, Bengaluru, India

8.15 pm - 8.30pm Validectory Function